Siamese Cat

The Siamese is among the foundation stock of several other breeds developed by crossbreeding with other cats; some examples are the Oriental Shorthair and Colourpoint Shorthair, developed to expand the range of hair coat patterns; the long-haired variant most often dubbed the Himalayan; and hair-mutation breeds including the Cornish Rex, Sphynx, Peterbald, and the blue point Siamese cat. The Siamese cat comes in two dissimilar variations: traditional & the modern siamese. Traditional siamese comes with an apple-shaped head and a slightly chubby body. The modern Siamese, which is very skinny and has a wedge-shaped head. The long-haired Siamese is recognized internationally as a Balinese cat.

  • Origin: Thailand
  • Color: Seal, Blue, Chocolate, and Lilac
  • Darkpoint: face, ears, feet, tail
  • Nature: friendly, sociable, and affectionate