Travelling overseas prevents this and the feline talent as escape artists make it impractical. For many buyers, kennelling their pets while they travel is the best solution. Your pet is safe and well attended after and you can relax.

Start young

The best time to get your cat used to a cattery or kennel is while they are young. Kittens accept new situations easily and will cope well with change. Book your kitten into your preferred boarding establishment for a night or two. This will ensure your cat receives their holiday location throughout life.


Cattery check

It is necessary that you do your research when choosing a kennel or cattery. Ask your vet and friends with cats which places they have used.

What your cat needs

All cats are individuals and you as an owner are most helpful at knowing your cat's requirements - for comfort, diet, grooming and playtime. Check that the boarding facility affords the services that your cat needs.