Terms & Conditions

  • That the buyer agrees to provide a lifelong commitment, comfortable environment prompt medical attention, proper rooming and responsible care to the kitten/cat.
  • That the buyer agrees that as the kitten/cat is sold as an indoor pet. It would not be allowed to free roam in streets.
  • That the buyer herein agrees to take the kitten/cat to a licensed veterinarian for a health check up at the time of the purchase so that there are no questions regarding the health of the pet. The failure to do so will be the buyer own responsibility and he/she cannot later demand a return, exchange or refund. The veterinarian fees are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • That the seller guarantees that the kitten/cat is in good health and free of all major diseases to the best of the seller knowledge at the time of sale.
  • That the seller assures No Responsibility for buyer’s allergies to the kitten/cat, disapproval of family/landlord, lack of proper house training of the pet etc. No return, exchange or refund would be initiated due to any such reasons.
  • That the seller guarantees free first bath and grooming of the kitten/cat after Which the charges of per visit would apply.
  • That the buyer agrees if the kitten/cat is not picked up within 5 days of paying the advance, boarding charges of 400/- INR per day would apply.
  • That the seller would provide link wherein the food and litter cost would be of the seller on the charges of 400/- INR per day.