Pet Towel

Hygiene is the most important thing to keep in mind while taking care of little cat babies. A clean pet towel ensures protection against any skin and hair infection. The towel should be high water absorbing. In our Care Package, we use soft high water absorbing towels only.

Neck Name Tag

Your Kitty has its own identity and therefore, he/she deserves a nice neck name tag. Give them a nice name and take away adorable neck bands. Trust us, Kitties look super cute wearing funky neck bands.


Kitty’s Travel Basket

Kittens generally get scared when you take them out for a journey. Once they start growing up, they get used too of the environment. Therefore, we recommend carrying your feline friend in a travel basket. The travel basket should be of adequate size and airy where your cat sits as well as sleep during a long journey.

Comfy Bed

Your feline friend needs lots of sleep during the early days. Ideally, cats’ babies need more than 14 hours of sleep in a day to have a healthy body. For healthy sleep, they need a comfortable and cozy bed. Coz comfy bed is a favourite sleeping spot for your furry pet apart from sharing the bed with you, of course! Or maybe your lap!

Cat Shampoo

Shampoos that are thoroughly designed to be used on pets, commonly dogs and cats are normally intended to do more than just clean the pet's hair or skin. Most of these shampoos contain integrants which act differently and are meant to treat a skin condition or an allergy or to fight against fleas.